The Mysterious Life of Amy Thomson McKean is a story that deserves and needs to be told. This May, at the Orlando Fringe Festival, audiences will have the opportunity to witness the first public performance of Amy’s music in 80 years and learn about her fascinating life.

Amy Thomson McKean was a composer whose creative musical voice and intriguing life story were on the verge of being permanently silenced both during her lifetime and again posthumously due to its taboo status within her family. Her correspondence was largely destroyed after her death.

In 2018, Orlando artist Jamieson Thomson Thomas (Executive Producer and Amy’s grand-niece) recovered a trove of Amy’s handwritten and published scores, leading to a flurry of research and fact-gathering. Composer and Music Supervisor Mark Piszczek painstakingly transcribed or arranged Amy’s music for this performance, while writer/composer Charlie Griffin brought Amy’s character to glorious and nuanced life on stage by imagining what she might say for herself if she could.

Starring Disney Voices of Liberty powerhouse Karen Shriner (AEA) as Amy and accompanied by the brilliant pianist Julian Bond, this ambitious and emotionally compelling hour-long play gives the audience a rare look into the perspective of a female composer active during some of the most turbulent and fascinating years in our nation’s history.

The Orlando Fringe Festival is an annual performing arts festival that showcases a diverse array of independent artists and performers. The Mysterious Life of Amy Thomson McKean is scheduled to run on May 17th, 22nd, 26th, 27th, and 28th in the Purple Venue at the new Fringe ArtSpace (54 E. Church St, Orlando, FL 32801).

Tickets are $15, with discounts available for students, theme park employees, and military personnel.  The production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors’ Equity Association Members’ Fringe Festival Code, and co-produced and directed by Charlie Griffin and Karen Shriner.